Xavier Center for Urban Management and Governance (XUMG)

The Xavier Center for Urban Management and Governance (XUMG) is set to become the flagship Program of the new Xavier School of Human Settlements (XAHS) at Xavier University Bhubaneswar. It is a unique initiative to create the public-spirited planners and managers required for developing livable, just and sustainable settlements in this era of rapid urbanization, attendant ecological concerns and new and emerging technologies. Our unique programs are first of their kind in India, and designed to prepare professionals for careers in public and private organizations engaged in planning, developing and managing cities, towns and other urbanising places.

XUMG offers three full-time degree Programs

  1. 1. MBA in Urban Management and Governance (MBA-UMG)
  2. 2. Masters in Urban and Regional Planning (M.Plan)
  3. 3. Ph.D. in Urban Management, Urban Governance and Planning (Ph.D-UM/UG/Planning)

The MBA-UMG is specifically designed to prepare sector-ready city managers increasingly needed by urban development and planning organizations, urban local bodies, consulting organizations working with state, national and local authorities, and businesses involved in urban development. Our graduates are well-versed in the complexities of city structures and their economic, social and spatial development, and equipped with the full range of functional management capabilities. The Ph.D. Programs prepare urban researchers for consulting, policy work, and academia.

XUMG is located in the new campus of Xavier University, at Nijigarh-Kurki, 12 kms from the airport. Its Programs are set in the new cutting-edge infrastructure and taught by the highly qualified faculty of the University, and include extensive engagement with domain-related industry, organizations and government initiatives.

The XUMG Mission

Settlement Planning and Management in the Spirit of Magis

XAHS endeavours to achieve the social transformation it envisions, by building the professional capabilities of the state, civil society, and corporate initiatives, institutions and organizations engaged in working towards progressive socio-economic change.


Two-Year Full-Time Masters Program in Urban Management & Governance

In view of the extensive need for management expertise in the development and management of urban infrastructure and systems, XUMG has pioneered the first 2-year full-time MBA Program in Urban Management and Governance in the country. The planning and management of livable, sustainable and smart cities have large-scale public and environmental implications, and require sector-specific expertise to ensure appropriate citizen-centric, just and ecologically sustainable development. The MBA-UMG is therefore designed to build multi-dextrous professionals with the spatial and systemic understanding of urban areas on one hand and functional management knowledge and skills on the other. The combination of a spatial imagination and abilities, and management expertise endows a unique combination of competencies.

The Program is suitable for graduates in all disciplines; planners, engineers, geographers and architects in particular will find it adds enormous value to their careers. The unique integration of management education with spatial design and public systems development capabilities prepares students to analyse managerial issues in urban contexts and develop insightful, practical and innovative solutions. The curriculum helps them decipher the complex problems of human settlements and public domain functioning, and address them in effective, ethical and inclusive ways.

Program Objectives

The curriculum is designed to develop an understanding of the complexities of urban systems and processes, and functional knowledge and skills for public-management. MBA-UMG graduates will have the capacities to develop, implement and manage urban infrastructure, systems and services, including housing, mobility, water, waste management, economic development, livelihood promotion, environmental management and other areas. The Program fosters a public service orientation, and commitment to multi-stakeholder engagement and citizen-centric city development.

Academic Calendar

The MBA-UMG academic year comprises three terms of 12-14 weeks each. In Term II, students spend six weeks with an urban local body (ULE, see below). The Summer Internship Program (SIP) is at the end of the First Year, for 8-10 weeks between Terms III and IV. The week usually has 18-20 sessions, including classroom sessions and other segments such as the Urban Management and Governance Practice Collquium (UMGP), the Urban Ethics Seminar (UES), Immersion courses and the CitieX, an exhibition of city projects. Co-curricular events including Leadership Talks, the SamaveX – the XUMG Annual Urban Conclave are often organized on weekends.

Program Structure

The MBA-UMG Program includes core and elective coursework and other learning segments of 111 credits. Each credit requires 10 hours of classroom contact or its field equivalent, and another 10 hours outside the classroom for preparatory reading and assignments. Students are thus expected to spend about 70 hours a week for their academic work, in preparation for the rigours of a public management career. The core courses provide the conceptual and theoretical fundamentals of management, urban analysis and spatial development, and the analytical frameworks and tools for field learning. These are augmented by Urban Learning Experience (Urban Studio), Urban Management Internship, UMGP Colloquium, Immersion Courses, seminars and leadership talks

Students have the opportunity to specialize by selecting appropriate electives and completing a capstone project in any of the following areas –

  1. 1. Water and Waste Management
  2. 2. Urban Mobility
  3. 3. Housing Development and Financing
  4. 4. Economic Development & Livelihoods